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Last change: 05.09.2016 

General Information for Authors


All presentation les of oral presentations and lectures will be stored on the central server during the congress. The speakers have access to their presentations for the respective session from a personal computer at the speaker’s desk. In order to guarantee a smooth flow within the sessions, all speakers are asked to hand in solely les in English in Microsoft Power-Point format, min.version XP. Mac presentations might create conversion problems that the service staff at the media check would try to solve. The les should be saved under the name of the speaker and the lecture number, possibly under the date or time of the presentation but not under general names such as the congress’ name (e.g. FR.01.01_Surname_30Sept). Following data storage media are suitable to copy your presentation into the information system: - MS-Windows CD-ROM compatible (ISO 9660) or DVD-ROM - USB stick (as a precaution bring the driver with you) Graphic data should be embedded into the presentation, and video and audio data (*.avi format with DIVX (as of version 7) or uncompressed) must be linked with the presentation and should be added separately. Please apply exclusively Windows-compatible fonts.


The speaking time (unless otherwise indicated) is 8 min. plus 4 min. for the discussion. In order to Joint Meeting program, all speakers are requested to stick to their allocated presentation times. The chairperson of each session will be entitled to interrupt a presentation if a speaker exceeds the allocated time.



The poster size is (H x W) 118.90 cm x 84.10 cm (DIN A0). Appropriate adhesive material will be available at the congress office on site.

The posters will be exhibited during the whole congress. All posters must be mounted by Friday, November 11, 2016, 09:00 and left there until Saturday, November 12, 2016, 13:00.

All authors at selected poster are requested to attend their posters for questions and discussion as follows:


Friday, November 11, 2016, 12:30 – 13:30

• P I Poster Session I: Thyroid Carcinoma (Poster P 01 - P 08)

• P II Poster Session II: Thyroid Carcinoma (Poster P 09 - P 16)

• P III Poster Session III: Thyroid Surgery (Poster P 17 - P 24)

• P IV Poster Session IV: Thyroid Surgery (Poster P 25 - P 32)

• P V Poster Session V: HPT (Poster P 33 - P 40)

• P VI Poster Session VI: HPT (Poster P 41 - P 48)

• P VII Poster Session VI: Adrenal (Poster P 49 - P 56)

• P VIII Poster Session VIII: Adrenal and MEN (Poster P 57 - P 64)

The time allocated for each presentation is 2 minutes with an additional 3 minutes discussion time per presentation. During this poster discussion, personal attendance of the posters authors is mandatory.

In order to maintain the international character of the congress and to enable all delegates to present their work in an optimal manner, all posters must be prepared in English.

Posters that have not been removed by Saturday, November 12, 2016, at 13:30, will be disposed of.

Should it not be possible for you to hang up your poster in time, please ask one of your colleagues to do it for you.



Congress language is English.