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Last change: 08.11.2016 

Poster Exhibition, Friday, 11.11.2016, 12.30-13.30

Poster session I: Thyroid Carcinoma
Chairs: Kim D. (London/UK), Vorländer C. (Frankfurt (Main)/D)
P 01 Can a radiological scoring system for assessing the malignant potential of thyroid nodules be safely applied in clinical practice?
Lewis M., Mukherjee A., Dhatta S., Ghattamaneni S., Doran H. (Manchester/UK)
P 02 Risk factors for Lymph node metastasis in patients with Papillary Thyroid Microcarcinoma – preliminary results of a retrospective study
Zahn A., Luu E., Kußmann J. (Hamburg/D)
P 03 Analysis of follow up of 2500 patients with differentiated thyroid cancer treated in one department
Dedecjus M., Długosińska J., Czetwertyńska M., Gałczyński J., Stachlewska-Nasfeter E. (Warsaw/PL)
P 04 Differentiated thyroid cancer: How do current practice guidelines affect management?
Owens P., McVeigh T. P., Bell M., Lowery A. J., Quill D. S., Kerin M. J. (Galway/IRL, Limerick/IRL)
P 05 Long-term follow-up of low-risk PTC patients without RIA – Bulgarian experience
Pandev R., Hadgjeva T., Sergieva S., Tersiev I., Raikov N. (Sofia/BG)
P 06 If noninvasive encapsulated follicular variant of papillary thyroid cancer is «not a cancer», would it affect overall prognosis of follicular variant of papillary thyroid cancer?
Semenov A., Makarin V., Bubnov A. N., Fedotov Y. N., Chernikov R. A., Slepstov I. V., Chinchuk I. K., Novokshonov K. U., Karelina J. V., Uspenskaya A. A., Timofeeva N. I., Vorobev S. (Saint-Petersburg/RUS)
P 07 Thyroid cancers revealed by metastases: a retrospective study about 16 cases
Belhoucha B., Hssaine K., Rochdi Y., Nouri H., Aderdour L., Raji A. (Marakesh/MA)
P 08 Midline sternotomy utilisation in thyroid malignancy
Goswamy J., Ryba F., Harrison-Phipps K., Simo R. (London/UK)
Poster session II: Thyroid Carcinoma
Chairs: Hobson J. (Manchester/UK), Trupka A. W. (Starnberg/D)
P 09 Thyroid micro-papillary carcinoma – 15 years of Teesside experience
Voll J., McMorrow L., Malone M., Elsaify W. (Middlesbrough/UK)
P 10 A polymorphism in the KRAS 3' UTR microRNA binding site: A case-control analysis assessing impact on differentiated thyroid cancer risk
Owens P., McVeigh T. P., Miller N., Guerin C., Sebag F., Quill D. S., Bell M., Lowery A. J., Kerin M. J. (Galway/IRL, Marseille/F)
P 11 Methodology impacts detection of RET/PTC rearrangements in papillary thyroid carcinoma: comparison of hybrid-specific RT-PCR and FISH analysis
Musholt P. B., Musholt T. J., Humberg D., Springer E., Schad A. (Mainz/D)
P 12 Validated malignancy rates in thyroid cytology in a UK population using the Royal College of Pathologists (RCPath) grading system (2009)
Brindle R., Kelsey L., Kane E., Waghorn A. J., Giles T., Shore S. (Liverpool/UK)
P 13 The use of a microfluidic device to investigate thyroid tissue response to treatment
Mulla O., Cheah R., Yapa S., Greenman J., Karsai L., Green V., England J. (Hull/UK)
P 14 Blocking hypoxia-inducible Carbonic-Anhydrase-IX inhibits proliferation and cell renewal of thyroid tumor initiating cells
Schmidt J., Oppermann E., Bechstein W.-O., Holzer K., Malkomes P. (Frankfurt (Main)/D)
P 15 Bilateral neck cysts- beware of papillary thyroid metastases. A case report and literature review
Gosnell E., Harrison A., Sheppard I. (Bury/UK)
P 16 Preoperative calcitonin level has less influence on prognosis than gender and preoperative US/FNAB data
Semenov A., Makarin V., Bubnov A. N., Fedotov Y. N., Chernikov R. A., Slepstov I. V., Chinchuk I. K., Novokshonov K. U., Karelina J. V., Uspenskaya A. A., Timofeeva N. I., Vorobev S. (Saint-Petersburg/RUS)
Poster session III: Thyroid Surgery
Chairs: Carswell A. (Swindon/UK), Wolf G. (Graz/A)
P 17 Autotransplantation of parathyroid glands in thyroid surgery – cause or prevention of postoperative hypoparathyroidism?
Schwarz C., Gohrbandt A. E., Watzka F., Musholt T. J. (Mainz/D)
P 18 Design, validation and implementation of protocol for post thyroidectomy hypocalcaemia – a template for UK practice
Chew P. R., Stedman T., Truran P., Lim C. B., Balasubramanian S. (Sheffield/UK)
P 19 Pre-operative Vitamin D deficiency. Is it really related to hypocalcemia following total thyroidectomy?
Deffain A., Donatini G., Scipioni F., Castagnet M., De Rienzo B., Kraimps J. L. (Poitiers/F)
P 20 Preoperative laryngoscopy in thyroid surgery and parathyroid surgery: standard or selective procedure. Analyses of the results 5172 consecutive laryngoscopies
Makarin V., Uspenskaya A. A., Timofeeva N. I., Slepstov I. V., Semenov A., Chernikov R. A., Chinchuk I. K., Karelina J. V., Novokshonov K. U., Fedorov E. A., Malugov Y. N., Rusakov V. F. (Saint-Petersburg/RUS)
P 21 Hyperfunctioning thyroid nodules (toxic adenoma) – underestimated risk of malignancy?
Schmidt S., Goldmann A., Gelpke H., Breitenstein S. (Winterthur/CH, St. Gallen/CH)
P 22 Improving the management of thyroid nodules; comparing practises between two European Otolaryngology Departments
Martelli F., Saxby C., Coyle P., Mannelli G., Santoro R., Mochloulis G. (Florence/I, Stevenage/UK)
P 23 Advanced surgical procedures in "Benign Giant Thyroid Tumours"
Wolf G., Bradatsch A., Waha J., Mrak K. (Graz/A)
P 24 Does surgery improve sleeping quality in patients with non toxic goiter or with primary hyperparathyroidism? A case control study with 60 patients
Schuster F., Rasche R. V., Meurer N., Margariti T., Weyerbrock N., Rasche K., Dotzenrath C. (Wuppertal/D)
Poster session IV: Thyroid Surgery
Chairs: Jeddy T. (Basildon/UK), Scheuba C. (Wien/A)
P 25 Harmonic Focus®+ Shears do not improve surgical efficiency
Mawhinney A., Lampridis S., Kennedy R., Kirk S. (Belfast/UK)
P 26 Prognostic importance of LOS during intraoperative neuromonitoring: analysis of 1065 consecutive thyroid operations
Makarin V., Timofeeva N. I., Uspenskaya A. A., Slepstov I. V., Semenov A., Chernikov R. A., Chinchuk I. K., Karelina J. V., Novokshonov K. U., Fedorov E. A., Malugov Y. N., Rusakov V. F. (Saint-Petersburg/RUS)
P 27 Patient and clinician experience of definitive treatment options in Graves' disease
Hookham J., Collins E. E., Truran P., Allahabadia A., Balasubramanian S. (Sheffield/UK)
P 28 Preoperative thyroid blockage with Lugol`s solution (LS) in Graves disease - old style or still an option in modern thyroid surgery?
Vorländer C., Altindag H., Gebrehiwot L., Kupper R., Lienenlüke R. H. (Frankfurt (Main)/D)
P 30 High intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) in thyroid nodules: preliminary data of a prospective multicenter study in Germany
Vorländer C. (Frankfurt (Main)/D)
P 31 Experience of sutureless thyroidectomy at a tertiary care center in a Goiter endemic area
Malik S., Ibrahim T. (Rawalpindi/PK)
P 32 Transoesophageal elastography and ultrasound-guided FNA of retrosternal thyroid nodules – a case report
Schabram J., Kunold C., Fischer R., Grandel U., Schäffer R. (Lich/D, Gießen/D)
Poster session V: HPT
Chairs: Shore S. (Liverpool/UK), Weber T. (Mainz/D)
P 33 The nonspecific clinical presentation of paediatric parathyroid adenomas
Edmiston R., Loughran S. (Manchester/UK)
P 34 Total parathyroidectomy and autotransplantation as an early postoperative two-step-procedure in renal, lithium-induced or MEN1-associated HPT: a subgroup analysis
Grafen F. C., Scheuba C., Clerici T. (Schlieren/CH, Wien/A, St. Gallen/CH)
P 35 Hypocalcaemia management post parathyroidectomy in renal patients – a single centre review
Chinnadurai R., Chrysochou C., Sinha S., Doran H. (Manchester/UK)
P 36 First case of thoracic wall tissue spilling in a patient with secondary hyperparathyreoidism and end-stage kidney disease
Besmens M., Lammers B. J., Schwarz K., Goretzki P. E. (Neuss/D)
P 37 Preoperative localisation in primary hyperparathyroidism: do we need both sestamibi & ultrasound to offer unilateral parathyroidectomy?
Deshmukh M., Shrestha D., Fowler C., Low K., Iyngkaran T., Ravichandran D. (Luton/UK)
P 38 The benefit of multiple imaging tests in the surgical management of sporadic primary hyperparathyroidism (PHPT)
Hotouras A., Naik R., Crinnion J. N. (London/UK)
P 39 New management paradigm for patients with Primary Hyperparathyroidism (PHPT) and single abnormal parathyroid gland identified by pre-operative ultrasound
Shawky M., Ezzat Abdel-Aziz T., Beale T., Morley S., Bomanji J., Smart J., Honour J., Kurzawinski T. (London/UK)
P 40 Clinical value of ultrasound, MIBI and intra-operative parathyroid hormone monitoring in patients with Hyperparathyroidism
Shawky M., Ezzat Abdel-Aziz T., Beale T., Morley S., Bomanji J., Smart J., Honour J., Kurzawinski T. (London/UK)
Poster session VI: HPT
Chairs: Skene A. (Bournemouth/UK), Kull C. (Liestal/CH)
P 41 Intraoperative Quick PTH with a novel rapid detection system (IO-I-PTH): Initial findings from a time course analysis
Zielke A., Busch M., Smaxwil C., Quantius V., Leitner B. (Stuttgart/D)
P 42 Influence of medical treatment with thiazides on intraoperative PTH- decay
Riss P., Selberherr A., Bichler C., Brammen L., Scheuba C., Niederle B. (Vienna/A)
P 43 Intraoperative near infrared fluorescent imaging of methylene blue in parathyroid identification – a phase Ib human study
Hillary S., Ellison-Handley B., Collins E. E., Truran P., Lim C. B., Harrison B. J., Berthoud M. C., Guillermet S., Brown N. J., Balasubramanian S. (Sheffield/UK)
P 44 High PTH levels after parathyroidectomy for primary hyperparathyroidism are not associated with increased risk of recurrence
Lam T., Sadler G., Mihai R. (Oxford/UK)
P 45 Results of minimally invasive video-assisted parathyroidectomy: single institution's 15-year experience
Peloni G., Ajani C., Salmoiraghi F., Altin N., Regusci L., Fasolini F. (Mendrisio/CH)
P 46 Comparison of minimally invasive parathyroidectomy under local anaesthesia and minimally invasive video-assisted parathyroidectomy for primary hyperparathyroidism: A cost analysis
Scerrino G., Melfa G. I., Attard A., Raspanti C., Rotolo G. (Palermo/I)
P 47 Complex parathyroid tumours – five years experience of treatment in a tertiary referral centre in the UK
Cvasciuc T., Wang L., Chengot P., Lansdown M. (Leeds/UK)
P 48 Parathyroid transplantation for permanent post-thyroidectomy hypoparathyroidism – patients’ views
Stevenson A., Mihai R. (Oxford/UK)
Poster session VII: Adrenal
Chairs: Smith D. (Dundee/UK), Walz M. K. (Essen/D)
P 49 Adrenal surgery from the BAETS national audit report – a local perspective
Sorial A. K., Motala Y., Hussain H., Kearney T. M., Doran H. (Manchester/UK)
P 50 Sarcoma or adrenal carcinoma – a challenging differential diagnosis
Teegen E., Herrmann W., Saeger W., Fassnacht M., Quinkler M., Joehrens K., Mogl M. T., Bahra M., Pratschke J., Rayes N. (Berlin/D, Würzburg/D, Hamburg/D)
P 51 Management of primary adrenocortical carcinomas, Teesside experience
Voll J., McMorrow L., Malone M., Elsaify W. (Middlesbrough/UK)
P 52 Whole-exome next generation sequencing of sporadic adrenocortical carcinomas – evidence for a proposed adenoma-carcinoma carcinogenesis sequence
Walls G., Salatino S., Wright B., Mihai R. (Lancaster/UK, Oxford/UK)
P 53 Semi-quantitative assessment of 18F-FDG uptake as a prognosticator for adrenocortical carcinomas: a retrospective study
Guerin C., Archier A., Paladino N. C., Essamet W., Villeret J., Loundou A., Taieb D., Sebag F. (Marseille/F)
P 54 Radiological Reporting and Management of Incidental Adrenal Abnormalities
Iftekhar Tani S., Chadwick D. (Nottingham/UK)
P 55 Hyperaldosteronism: results of 18 years of experience with noninvasive adrenal imaging diagnosis and endoscopic adrenalectomy
Ronti S., Raffaelli M., De Crea C., D’Amato G., Lombardi C. P., Bellantone R. (Rome/I)
P 56 Adrenal ganglioneuroma – presentation, radiology, histopathology and management
McMorrow L., Voll J., Malone M., Hanna R., Elsaify W. (Middlesbrough/UK)
Poster session VIII: Adrenal and MEN
Chairs: Bliss R. (Newcastle/UK), Nies C. (Osnabrück/D)
P 57 Management of phaeochromocytoma during pregnancy
Ng A., Hanna R., Martin V., Elsaify W. (Middlesbrough/UK)
P 58 The role of routine preoperative MIBG for phaeochromocytoma and paraganglioma
Hodgkinson W., Bliss R., Lennard T. W. J., Truran P. (Sheffield/UK, Newcastle/UK)
P 59 Screening for a 10-gene panel in a group of 90 phaeochromocytomas
Mihai R., Sbardella E., Cranston T., Sadler G., Grossman A. (Oxford/UK)
P 60 Phaeochromocytoma and paraganglionoma: an observational study – The Salford Royal Foundation Trust experience
Salazar L., Kearney T. M., Anderson I. D., Ghattamaneni S., Doran H. (Manchester/UK)
P 61 Evaluation of preoperative screening for SDHB mutation into the management of apparently sporadic pheochromocytomas
Maignan A., Guerin C., Julliard V., Paladino N. C., Kim E., Roche P., Castinetti F., Essamet W., Imperiale A., Clifton-Bligh R., Barlier A., Sebag F. (Marseille/F, Sydney/AUS, Strasbourg/F)
P 62 Clinicopathological and prognostic relevance of survivin and XIAP in Gastroenteropancreatic Neuroendocrine Neoplasia (GEP-NEN)
Krieg A., Dizdar L., Oesterwind K. A., Riemer J. C., Werner T. A., Mersch S., Möhlendick B., Schütte S. C., Verde P. E., Raba K., Topp S. A., Stoecklein N. H. (Düsseldorf/D)
P 63 Chemoprevention with a long acting somatostatin analogue in a Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Type 1 (MEN1) Knockout Mouse Model does delay the progression of pancreatic neuroendocrine Neoplasms (pNENs).
López-López C., Bartsch D. K., Albers M. B., Manoharan J., Bollmann C., Roth S., Bayer A., Fendrich V. (Marburg/D)
P 64 Limited value of Ga-68-DOTATOC-PET-CT in routine screening of patients with multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1
Albers M. B., Librizzi D., López-López C., Manoharan J., Apitzsch J. C., Slater E. P., Bollmann C., Kann P. H., Bartsch D. K. (Marburg/D)